Driving In Cyprus

When it comes to driving in Cyprus, the number one question we get asked is…

What Side Of The Road Of The Road Do You Drive On In Cyprus?

Like in the UK, in Cyprus, you drive on the left-hand side of the road. What’s more, because of the influence of the UK in Cyprus, many of the road signs are similar, as are the traffic lights system.

This makes driving in Cyprus much easier for tourists hiring a holiday car.

Speed Limits

Speed limits are similar to the UK, but you must bear in mind, in Cyprus, (like mainland Europe) measurements are in kilometres. ie.

  • Distances on road signs
  • Speed limits are in KPH – kilometers per hour.

In Cyprus, you drive on the left


The motorways in Cyprus join the main towns and there is good access from the villa near Larnaca. Around 10km from the main motorway, you have easy access to Agia Napa in the East, Nicosia (signposted Lefkosia) in the centre of Cyprus, and Limassol and Paphos to the South West.

Driving In Larnaca

In Larnaca, there is a main road network but as you get into the town centre, there are many narrow roads and much of the traffic is one way.

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