Larnaca, or Larnaka, is the oldest living city in Cyprus and was originally known as Kition, or Kittium.

Unlike other ancient cities of Cyprus, which were abandoned by their inhabitants, Larnaca has existed on the same site for over 6000 years.

Larnaca attracts many visitors, especially British and today approximately three million travellers and tourists enter Cyprus through Larnaca Airport, Port and the Marina.

Larnaca for Tourists

Larnaca is a great place for your holiday and is just 14km away from the villa in pervolia. The town is large enough to have everything you may need but still is not overcrowded, especially at its beautiful beaches which extend for 16 miles. It is the third largest town in Cyprus, with a population of 60,000 and is a busy commercial centre as well as a popular holiday resort.

larnaca strip

The archaeological sites and six museums are in the centre of Larnaca within walking distance.

Summer sports, sea activities and cruises are readily available and if you like shops, you have plenty of that too. There is good medical care and the local cinemas screen the most up-to-date movies, in the leisure complex, which also boasts a bowling alley.

The number of restaurants, tavernas, cafeterias and bars offer great variety and The Cyprus “meze” is the speciality of Larnaca.

Nightlife in Larnaca is varied and security makes the streets very safe. With a great history, cultural life in Larnaca is rich and many events are organised by the town’s Municipality.

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Because of the mild climate in the winter and the genuine hospitality of the local people, Larnaca enjoys tourism at very high occupancy rates all the year round. Larnaca District has 9,500 hotel beds, about 10% of the total all island tourist capacity. Along the Larnaca bay there are luxurious beach hotels.

Larnaca’s position in the centre of the country is the ideal base for exploring the rest of Cyprus.

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