Map of Cyprus

These may not be up-to-date but you can download and print them… Road Maps of Cyprus


Greek is spoken in the Republic of Cyprus although English is widely spoken in tourist areas.

Cyprus Timezone

Time time difference is 2 hours forward, ie. 12pm in the UK is 2pm in Cyprus. Clocks change for the Summer (same as the UK) between March and October.


The local currency in Cyprus is Euros (€).

Embassies and Visas

For EU citizens a visa is not required to visit the Republic of Cyprus for tourist visits of up to three months. You can travel from the the south of the island to Northern Cyprus, but only on a day-trip through select check-points.

Cyprus Cuisine

Seafood is popular throughout the island, as is lamb kebab. Many places offer a meze, or a mix, of several small dishes served all at once as a feast. This usually include dips, olives, bread and some grilled meat. You should definitely try one on your holiday!

Traditional Cypriot dishes make good use of the abundant fresh fruit and vegetables, and vegetarians are well catered for with dishes such as stuffed tomatoes or peppers, dolma (vine leaves stuffed with rice), fried haloumi cheese and salads.

Other key dishes are moussaka, meatballs, marinated fish and octopus, and for dessert, super-sweet baklava.

The archaeological sites and six museums are in the centre of Larnaca within walking distance.

Summer sports, sea activities and cruises are readily available and if you like shops, you have plenty of that too. There is good medical care and the local cinemas screen the most up-to-date movies, in the leisure complex, which also boasts a bowling alley.

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