Discover the Best Great Britain and Ireland Cruises: A Personal Story, Tips, and Stats [2021 Guide]

Discover the Best Great Britain and Ireland Cruises: A Personal Story, Tips, and Stats [2021 Guide]

What is Great Britain and Ireland Cruises?

Great Britain and Ireland cruises are travel packages that take passengers along the coastlines of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

  • These cruises offer a unique opportunity to explore some of Europe’s most historic sites while enjoying stunning sea views from aboard.
  • The tours usually cover iconic landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, Guinness Brewery in Dublin or Liverpool port where Beatles started their career
  • Cruisers can choose between luxury options like grand suites with private balconies or more affordable cabins depending on their budget range.

If you are looking for an unforgettable vacation experience with plenty of history, culture and natural beauty onboard then a great britain and ireland cruise may be right up your alley.

How to plan the perfect Great Britain and Ireland cruise itinerary

Cruising around Great Britain and Ireland is a bucket list item for many travelers. With luscious green landscapes, historic landmarks, and charming cities to explore– this region provides endless amounts of adventure.

Choosing the right itinerary

Before diving into planning your perfect cruise around Great Britain and Ireland- it’s important to select an itinerary that suits you!

If it’s stunning scenery you’re after then perhaps cruising along Scotland’s rugged coastline is the way to go. In need of a history fix? Explore the medieval castles of Wales or venture through Northern Ireland’s Titanic Quarter.

However, if it’s quaint waterfront towns that pique your interest, try sailing from Dublin down towards Southampton stopping at ports such as Galway and Waterford on your journey.

Settle on a departure port

While British Isles cruises generally depart from UK waters such as Southampton or Dover – recent years have seen other ports join the fray including Liverpool & Newcastle. Choosing which one makes sense will depend upon personal preference but considering travel logistics (flights/train) might also factor in heavily so consider reviewing flight schedules before making any decisions!

When timing matters

Most British Isles cruises sail between May and October with peak season being late June until early September. During this time-frame there may be more crowds however local attractions are open longer/operating at full capacity versus shoulder seasons where some sites operate shorter hours/days to mitigate cost overhaeds when toursits are not pouring in.

Ship options

There are plenty of great ships available ranging all different sizes offering unique experiences catering toward varying tastes/preferences. Some options include Princess Cruises’ Sapphire Princess putting discovery at the forefront while Royal Caribbean offers outdoor activities aboard their impressive Independence of The Seas vessel- complete with rock wall climbing walls among other things!

Don’t forget shore excursions!

No matter which ship you choose – do take advantage of pre booking shore excursions so its less stressful once onboard.

For example Crystal Cruises offers a number of different experiences including wildlife spotting in the Hebrides, while Azamara takes you to remote Faroe Islands – these are just two options but there are plenty more depending on interests as well.

So now that we’ve covered some tips for planning your perfect Great Britain and Ireland cruise itinerary- all that’s left is deciding which adventure will be right for you! Happy cruising!

Step by step guide: from booking to embarkation on a Great Britain and Ireland cruise

Embarking on a cruise can be an exciting adventure, and booking one that covers Great Britain and Ireland is even more exhilarating. The untouched beauty of these magnificent islands offers breathtaking views of lush green landscapes, ancient ruins, majestic castles along with the diverse culture that has been nurtured in this part of the world.

If you are looking to explore some of Europe’s most illustrious destinations aboard a luxury vessel or want to plan the perfect family getaway for all ages, taking a Great British & Irish Isles Cruise is undoubtedly right up your alley. Here we offer you step-by-step guidance on how to book and embark on such a cruise effortlessly.

Research Your Options

Before getting into making any arrangements, it’s always advisable to research your options carefully. Check out various activity packages offered by different agent websites highlighting deals available at various times of year when prices might vary considerably.

Also check reviews from other travelers who have already embarked on similar journey through their past experiences so that you get an idea what suits your tastes best while not blowing out budgets unnecessarily.

Choose Your Ideal Cruise Line

Now that you’ve explored several options online and narrowed down potential candidates decided which cruise line would be ideal for exploring the beautiful island countries around Great Britain and Ireland based on multiple factors like price range, length of stay at ports etc., start thoroughly investigating each possible option separately.

The key things depend significantly upon individual preferences but primarily consider cruising with renowned provider Cruise & Maritime Voyages , P&O Cruises or Fred.OlsenCruise Lines- as they currently serve this region very well – they are trustworthy providers offering both luxury cruises yet suitable within differing price ranges too ensuring bonus savings throughout itinerary planning!

Check Availability & Make A Booking

After deciding which company will provide hassle-free travel opportunities according to personal preference(s), go directly via links provided by connoisseurs advice for availability dates corresponding commences; unless specific desired date fits perfectly then ensure a reservation well in advance as vacancies go quickly, especially during peak seasons. Don’t forget to check for any ongoing deals and promotions applicable, such as special upgrades or onboard credit.

Preparation before Embarkation

After booking details are confirmed and finalized via travel sites or agency personnel, be sure to have all documents tucked away neatly, i.e., passport(s), ID card etc. Equally important is research on charges of extra amenities /extras beforehand so you aren’t hit with surprise bills at the end of your trip- say spas sessions & refreshing beverages from bar menus after dinner entertainment offerings that might be payable items.

Arrival at Cruise Port

Finally, it’s time to pack up and head over to the arrival port terminal location by either car service/taxi ride utilizing trusted providers like Uber or Lyft apps where available (or pre-booked), serviced by highly trained cleaning professionals armed with PPE ensuring COVID cleanliness norms across passenger areas ,social distancing reminders displayed virtually everywhere throughout passage terminals avoiding crowds – this makes embarking process smooth sailing – no pun intended!

Embarkation On Board

Upon boarding ship successfully, allow yourself ample time exploring…you can explore vessel without haste schedule ideally during times when there’s still disembarked passengers returning aboard .. speaking alternatively seek expert guidance through crew onboard committed to providing insights top-notch hospitality befitting for memorable experience throughout voyage.

Ultimately an exciting adventurous journey aboard Great Britain and Ireland cruise is fulfilling especially if embarked upon diligently preparedly planned ahead using reputable sources!

FAQs about Great Britain and Ireland cruises – what you need to know before you go

If you’ve decided to embark on a Great Britain and Ireland cruise, congratulations! You’re about to witness some of the most stunning landscapes in Europe, feast on delicious regional cuisines, explore historic cities and experience local cultures. However, with so many options available when it comes to cruises around these two mesmerizing countries, it’s natural for travelers to have loads of questions running through their mind. That’s why we’ve put together this guide covering all frequently asked queries regarding cruising in Great Britain and Ireland – everything that you need to know before setting sail.

Q: What ports can I expect?
A: Depending upon your chosen itinerary, a typical British Isles cruise may port at any number of locations like London (Southampton), Edinburgh (Newhaven), Glasgow (Greenock), Dublin or Cork as well as less visited but equally fascinating areas such as Newcastle or Invergordon. In addition,you might also visit smaller towns along the coastlines that provide insightful glimpses into maritime history.

Q: When is the best time for a Great Britain or Ireland cruise?
A: Both destinations offer visitors an enjoyable experience throughout the year; however, the late spring and summer months are highly sought-after due to warmer temperatures making shore excursions even more pleasurable than they otherwise would be.

Q: Will I need a passport?
A: Yes, every traveler visiting from outside these countries will require passports valid beyond six months from date-of-travel arrival tied with relevant visas where necessary

Q: Do I need money from different currencies?
A: Yes – both Irish Republic’s Euro & UK’s Pound Sterling should be kept handy while difference in rates between ATMs onboard ship & ashore one turn out higher at times – therefore having only preferred currency won’t always solve cash problems better smart choose foreign investment option which come up budget wise i.e deposit funds into card-currencies prior traveling alleviating unnecessary stress related towards changes done on spot.

Q: What should I pack?
A: Since weather changes frequently, it is recommended to pack layers and waterproof jackets. Don’t forget comfortable footwear with anti-slip soles as many shore excursions require walking on uneven surfaces or cobbled streets. Additionally, while dining onboard tends to be formal make sure evening attire check-list comprises items like smart casual / elegant wear & outfit that matches line’s dress code appropriately in order not stand out

Q: Are there any local customs I should know about?
A: Every region reflects unique social norms; for instance, if you’re invited to a pub in Ireland by locals expect food sharing culture as one of the means of interacting whilst engaging several rounds of Irish Stout bought altenatively since lone wallet show-off scene isn’t common here.Also note that rugby > football is their (Ireland) primary sports choice whereas Scottish never shortered clothes (kilt).These small nuances can greatly enhance your experience but will always differ depending upon geographic proximity towards respective destinations – hence checking ahead approximates forehand knowledge within passengers is key.

Now that we’ve covered all your major questions about Great Britain and Ireland cruising let us suggest pre-booking some organized shore excursions ensuring maximum leisure time when visiting port cities without worrying over associated travel hassles on return.Getting both cultural wisdom combined scenic beauty would come true aboard such touristic cruises creating long lasting memories!

Five must-know facts about cruising around Great Britain and Ireland

Cruising around Great Britain and Ireland is an experience that offers a unique combination of history, culture, landscapes and gastronomy. From the stunning Scottish Highlands to charming Irish towns, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are five must-know facts about cruising around these captivating destinations.

1) The Celtic nations have a rich seafaring heritage

Ireland and Scotland have long histories as maritime nations with strong links to their surrounding seas. The Celts were some of the earliest seafarers in the British Isles, using boats made from hollowed-out trees to travel along coastal waters for trade and exploration purposes. Today’s modern cruise ships offer a luxurious way to explore these same waters while maintaining comfort during your trip.

2) You’ll discover contrasting ports of call

Cruises along Great Britain’s rugged coastlines often start or end at major ports such as London or Edinburgh but also include lesser-known destinations like Invergordon (Scotland), Cork (Ireland) or Holyhead (Wales). These diverse locations have colorful backstories – including stories of Vikings raiding Lindisfarne Monastery on England’s northern coast in AD 793 or learning about Jameson whiskey production while docked near Dublin’s port – which make each new stop all more exciting than the last one.

3) Don’t forget proper attire

While most cruises provide ample entertainment opportunities aboard ship — from swimming pools and theaters to casinos — it pays off dressing up for certain dinner-themed events! Most formal evenings take place once per week but can vary between individual ships’ schedules making sure you look sharp if attending will pay dividends whether your fellow diners don tuxedoes or gowns for gala dinners featured every evening.

4) Gastronomy takes center stage; especially seafood dishes!

A journey exploring seaside locales cannot be without sampling local culinary delights! Be sure not miss out on any fresh-off-the-boat seafood selections like locally caught oysters and scallops, lobster bisque or fish pie. Northern England also has a rich brew culture worth exploring; Guinness in Dublin can’t be missed along with Scotland offering Whisky to warm up when colder weather begins.

5) Experience History Up Close and Personal

Great Britain’s captivating historical past is seen across the island nation’s shores from ancient castles dotting cliff tops to wonderfully preserved towns like Bath- where Jane Austen used to live–with grandiosity built during the Roman Empire era. On the itinerary will always feature an excursion opportunity — whether seeing Gealic monuments on Iona Abbey off Scotland ’s west coast or touring Londonderry wall that once separated Protestant neighborhoods of Northern Ireland for a first-hand glimpse into historically significant moments from generations before us!

In summary, taking a cruise around Great Britain & Ireland guarantees visitors an experience that offers history, breathtaking landscapes paired with their distinctive culinary specialties plus mixing-and-mingling with some of hospitable people you’ll ever meet! So why not plan your next vacation cruising these unforgettable destinations?

Exploring hidden gems: Off-the-beaten-path destinations on a Great Britain and Ireland cruise

Taking a Great Britain and Ireland cruise is an exciting way to explore some of the most fascinating destinations in Europe. The region offers visitors an array of popular attractions that draw millions each year, such as Big Ben, Stonehenge or Buckingham Palace. However, for those seeking unique experiences off the beaten path, there are plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

One hidden gem you might come across on your British Isles cruise is Inishbofin Island in western Ireland. This secluded spot has a population of just over 170 people who have managed to preserve their traditional ways of life amidst stunning natural surroundings. Here, you can take long walks along pristine beaches or join local fishermen catching Atlantic cod and lobster.

Another lesser-known destination worth exploring during your Great Britain and Ireland cruise is Portree harbor in Scotland’s Isle of Skye. With its charming fishing boats bobbing calmly upon the tranquil waters surrounded by looming green hills and craggy peaks rising into the misty skies beyond – this place looks like something straight out of a storybook! Take a boat tour through crystal-clear waters under endless horizons while gazing at seals popping up to say hello from time-to-time!

If you’re looking for historical intrigue and cultural immersion then make sure not to miss Fingal’s Cave during your Western Scottish coast excursion; it’s like stepping back two hundred years ago when smuggling was rampant throughout these seas- with tales abound about smugglers using it until today! Another less renowned site that stands tall within Northern Irish countryside featuring historic richness – Giant’s Causeway amazes all visitors thanks in large part perhaps due its remarkable formed hexagonal basalt columns

There are also many scenic routes that offer breathtaking views along Great Britain & Ireland cruises. One example would be driving around Dublin Bay via picturesque villages such as Howth, Malahide Castle (home establishment since Middle Age times) whose impressive structure resides between luscious estate landscapes.

Another scenic destination would be the Llyn Peninsula in Wales. This hidden gem is one of the country’s most remote and unspoiled regions, featuring a rugged coastline that stretches for miles and dramatic landscape cut by deep valleys and glistening streams. Here you can adventure on a long hike through mountains, stopping off at quaint villages such as Nefyn to sample some homemade Welsh cakes or just relaxing with your feet up while taking in exceptional views over Snowdonia National Park from simple stunning beaches.

With plenty of secret treasures waiting to be discovered, a Great Britain & Ireland Cruise might just become an unforgettable journey filled with surprise after surprise along undiscovered paths less traveled; providing delightful memories that will thrill seekers for years to come!

Best shore excursions for experiencing the culture and history of Great Britain and Ireland

Great Britain and Ireland are two of the most fascinating destinations to explore for anyone seeking an opportunity to immerse themselves in cultural history. With ancient castles, historical landmarks, stunning natural scenery and vibrant cities, these destinations have something for everyone. As a traveller on shore excursions or expeditions, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which places or experiences will offer you the best way to soak up authentic British and Irish culture.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best shore excursions that allow you to experience Great Britain and Ireland’s rich cultural heritage whilst making memories that last forever.

1. Edinburgh Castle – Royal Mile

Edinburgh’s famous castle stands guard over Scotland’s capital city. From its craggy perch visitors are offered stunning views across the North Sea coastline towards England as well as tours exploring prisons where notorious criminals were held captive during wartime between 1916-18 when many German prisoners of war (POWs) were held within its walls too!

The Royal Mile is one of Europe’s oldest streets; lined with sixteenth-century architecture marvels like St Giles Cathedral Guildhall Chamberlain Court Tron Kirk Mercat Cross Gladstone Land John Knox House remarkable hidden gems walkway Real Mary King’s Close housing stories from plague times onward while outside performers street artists entertain crowds all day long!

2. Dublin – Guinness Storehouse & Kilmainham Gaol

Dublin is noted internationally for being home not only the incomparable storied pub crawl but also full-on immersion into your favorite brew — at seven-storey-high GUINNESS STOREHOUSE Museum! You’ll learn how this time-honored pint enters various tastes occasions such world-famous oyster festival Galway hitching rides music fest season West Coast locations everywhere more cosmopolitan eateries near trendy Docklands overlooked by Aviva Stadium…

Before finding yourself dragged somewhere else other than recuperating in bed after drinking so much beer earlier… Discover the dark history of historic Kilmainham Gaol, now a famous prison turned into an architecture museum. This jail was often used to intern “troublesome” Irish Nationalists imprisoned by British Occupation Forces between 1796 and1924 with tons still extant traces shared through exceptionally talented guides.

3. Giant’s Causeway

Discover Northern Ireland’s natural wonder on this shore excursion that takes in the stunning volcanic columns at Giant’s Causeway – one of Britain and Ireland’s most remarkable geological marvels! Itinerary includes a visit to dramatic landscapes best explored via walking trails around Knockmore Hill trailhead after stopping en route sampling delicious artisan products on way country roads from local markets throughout various seasons baked goods jams chutneys beers ciders but also fresh produce where you can pick your own perfect pumpkin time Halloween!

4. Stonehenge – Avebury & Bath

Stonehedge is an ancient standing stone monument believed mostly constructed someplace circa 3000 BC-1600BC within Salisbury Plains’ Wiltshire region Central England; its symbolism never entirely clarified however intriguingly speculated upon ascribing astrological religious significances amongst others.

Avebury, West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill surrounded by lush green countryside are typical of contrast-rich English scenery during road trips along winding lanes or tranquil stretches focusing solely getting away from it all…

Bath is arguably is one of Europe’s finest cities (UNESCO World Heritage Site), featuring striking Georgian buildings built from warm locally sourced stone complementing these gorgeous structures inviting people find out what makes them so unique significant compared places anywhere else.

In conclusion, these four exceptional excursions offer just enough variety for those seeking cultural experiences while visiting Great Britain and Ireland truly cannot be missed if looking forward to earning something than Instagram likes mere snacks selfies without real substance… Book early before availability fills up quickly especially during high season!

Table with useful data:

Cruise Line Departure Port Duration Price (starting from)
Royal Caribbean Southampton 11 nights $1,399
Cunard Southampton 12 nights $2,199
Norwegian Cruise Line Dublin 7 nights $799
Celebrity Cruises Dublin 10 nights $1,599
Holland America Line Dover 14 nights $2,299

Information from an expert:

Great Britain and Ireland cruises offer extraordinary opportunities to explore the fascinating history, culture, and natural landscapes of two stunning countries. From the bustling cities such as Edinburgh or Dublin to charming villages like Stornoway in Scotland or Waterford in Ireland, these itineraries feature a wealth of unique experiences that can be enjoyed even within a relatively short journey. Adding activities like whisky tasting, golfing on renowned courses, walking along trails with incredible sea views, or visiting historical castles will make your cruise unforgettable. If you want the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure and cultural immersion all while discovering some breathtaking scenery then Great Britain and Ireland are just what you need!
Historical Fact:

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, British and Irish cruise liners played a significant role in shaping transportation history by connecting these two nations to the rest of the world through maritime trade, immigration, tourism and more.

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Discover the Best Great Britain and Ireland Cruises: A Personal Story, Tips, and Stats [2021 Guide]
Discover the Best Great Britain and Ireland Cruises: A Personal Story, Tips, and Stats [2021 Guide]
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