Discover the Best of Great Britain and Ireland with Contiki: A Personal Journey with Tips and Stats [Keyword: Contiki Great Britain and Ireland]

Discover the Best of Great Britain and Ireland with Contiki: A Personal Journey with Tips and Stats [Keyword: Contiki Great Britain and Ireland]

What is Contiki Great Britain and Ireland?

Contiki Great Britain and Ireland is a tour operator that offers trips to explore the highlights of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland.

  • The tours are designed for young travelers aged 18-35 who want to experience local culture and adventure activities such as hiking or pub crawls.
  • Travelers can choose from different itineraries that cover major cities like London and Dublin as well as natural landmarks like the Cliffs of Moher or Loch Ness.

If you’re looking for an exciting way to discover iconic sights while meeting new people from around the world, consider booking a trip with Contiki Great Britain and Ireland.

Step-by-Step Guide: Booking Your Dream Contiki Great Britain and Ireland Tour

Are you dreaming of exploring the stunning landscapes and rich history of Great Britain and Ireland? Well, it’s time to turn that dream into a reality with Contiki! Contiki offers an exceptional tour experience for young travelers (ages 18-35) with an emphasis on adventure, cultural immersion, and making lifelong memories.

The process of booking your dream Contiki Great Britain and Ireland Tour is easy – let me guide you through it step-by-step.

Step 1: Choose Your Tour

Contiki offers a variety of tours that cater to different interests. Whether you want to explore the bustling cities or breathtaking countryside, there is something for everyone. Visit to browse through their selection and find the perfect tour for you. Once you’ve decided on which tour suits your taste buds – all aboard!

Step 2: Check Availability And Pricing On Desired Departure Date(s)

Before booking anything in life, being sure about availability is a must! Check out the available departure dates spaces remaining under each trip’s “dates & prices” section at It’s important to keep in mind peak travel times where rates will vary moderately based off flight costs higher than non holiday periods – like St Patrick’s Day shuttle deals going from 0 per person during March compared to more seasonal months like summer when flights are more regularly priced around the same range from what has been offered historically (0).

However long we may take ‘planning’ our trips before actually executing them, one thing stays constant – once all details fall into place,you’re ready for action!

Step 3: Book Your Spot

When it comes down choosing between budget allocation options like passing up a meal out or giving up phone service while abroad so as not miss interesting activities included in excursions– investment can lead us anywhere far.Chances are if you’ve made it this far, you’re pretty interested in going on a Contiki Great Britain and Ireland tour. Locking in your vacation with a deposit is the next step. Deposits vary by package, but generally they be broken out into three different methods: payable via credit card or wire transfers.Transferwise for one has become increasingly popular.

Step 4: Sort Out Your Travel Arrangements

Now that your spot in the tour is secured, let’s talk flights! Contiki compliments its customers having more budget-compatible travel deals by partnering up with reputable airlines to provide discounted rates just exclusive for their travellers. Hoteling arrangements may also differ according to price points because we all know how much accommodation can run up cost-wise– so booking flights (considerably) early on- helps overall costs.It’s easy as pie,you’ll receive an email reminding you of necessary steps which includes providing us return dates,names & any allergies too.

Step 5: Relax And Get Excited

With everything booked and sorted it’s now time to sit back and get excited about your upcoming adventure! You’re bound to make new friendships from across the world ,trekking Toughers Hill with sheep dotting fields here,tasting typical Irish flavors there or taking mesmerising photos whilst learning about history round London Bridge.Stress not no matter what activities are planned,memory bank expansion set maximum during a stint with Contiki UK.I mean who doesn’t look forward meeting people from countries unknown shearing laughs at cultural quirks rare only getting better when inquired of together?

Booking your trip through has never been easier. The process is tailored towards ensuring travelers feel confident that they will experience everything promised once online packages have been clicked through written confirmation emails highlighting every useful details involved surrounding embarkation day,travelling around the holiday spots& respective packing guidelines provided.Then like my mum would say “it’s sad when every good thing comes to an end” but we’ll just replace good with iconic, incredible and momentous because in this case,it truly will be!

Contiki Great Britain and Ireland FAQ – Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

If you’re planning a trip to Great Britain and Ireland, then you’ve probably come across Contiki. As one of the leading travel companies in this area, Contiki has been providing unforgettable tours for over 50 years. They specialize in creating exciting adventures that take travelers on a journey through unique destinations while building friendships with like-minded individuals along the way.

Before embarking on your journey with Contiki, it’s natural to have some questions about what to expect from your trip. To help ease any concerns and make sure you’re prepared for an adventure of a lifetime, we’ve put together a handy FAQ guide covering everything you need to know before booking your Contiki tour.

1) Can I customize my itinerary?

Contiki caters its tours around specific themes such as festivals, sightseeing or even foodie experiences. While there is not much room for itinerary customization during the trip itself (due to time restraints), their website provides detailed information on each destination so that travellers can choose based upon their interests.

2) What type of accommodations are provided?

Accommodations vary by region and style within all Contiki trips. It ranges from modern hotels to cabins depending on which route is chosen but they promise clean spaces throughout plus some dorm-style rooms available especially when travelling solo where people get plenty opportunity socialize

3) How big are the groups?

Contiki limits Tour sizes up-to 50 People usually but does differ generally ranging between fifteen-20 travellers per group offering personalised tours highlighting hidden gems at hotspots untouched by larger crowds because well-informed local guides lead these smaller sized groups frequently allowing guests enough space explore locations themselves.

4) Are meals included?

Some breakfasts are often included in every day itinerary schedules though lunch & dinner stops will be made throughout days serviced by popular restaurants specifically selected specialising traditional & contemporary locally-sourced delicacies served up with regional flair true testament Europe’s distinct culinary culture surrounding freshness and seasonality.

5) What if I am a solo traveller?

Contiki offers many tours catering specifically to solo-travellers so making friends remains easy adding sense security looking out for each other sharing unique experiences that bond you for life resulting in long-lasting friendships between all companions built through Contiki’s global travel network.

6) Is there free time provided?

Free-time allowed at various stops along every tour allowing ample opportunities focusing interests and could include outdoor adventures, historical site explorations or even visits quirky cultural centres local vineyards. It’s up-to attendees decide adventure they’d prefer most from time spent traversing serene coasts Irish coastline stunning views Scotland flourishing countryside of the British Islands while exploring unexpected honky-tonk pubs small medieval towns providing pure entertainment throughout

7) What is Contiki Cares?

Contik cares about their planet thus tie-up with ‘TreadRight Foundation’ engaging responsible thinking mind-set societal engagements supporting communities whenever possible alongside protecting wildlife destinations preserving world natural heritage ensure future generations may enjoy these exotic locations too whilst promoting sustainable tourism worldwide practicing ethical principles integral essence business model & operations developed over five-decades expertise training staff efficiently operate accountable tours aligning mission effective delivery contributing towards better tomorrow today creating unforgettable memories new-comers globe- trotting all around Europe and beyond.

Overall, a trip with Contiki promises an exciting experience filled with beautiful scenery, rich culture, good company – All just One Click Away! From accommodations being situated nearby top attractions coupled eating regional specialities by local chefs who genuinely appreciate thriving culinary arts bringing genuine joy taste-buds senses challenging oneself across varied terrain embracing different cultures and ways livings picturesque settings – this indeed epitomises what Travel should really be like; a transformative journey where the traveller discovers something new within themselves while immersiately becoming inspired by wondrous places daily on offer through such great offerings sold only under one trusted brand called “CON TIKI”.

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Contiki Great Britain and Ireland

Contiki is a renowned travel company that has been around since the 1960s, specializing in tours for young people. Their tours are designed to give travelers an immersive and authentic experience of different countries and cultures worldwide. One of their most popular destinations is Great Britain and Ireland.

If you’re considering taking a Contiki tour to Great Britain and Ireland or have already booked one, it’s essential to know some lesser-known but fascinating facts about this region. Here are the top five facts you didn’t know about Contiki Great Britain and Ireland!

1) You Can Experience the Famous “Luck of the Irish” in Dublin

Dublin is known as “the home of Guinness” among other things but did you know that there’s more than just beer culture in this amazing city? There’s also a tradition called “The Luck Of The Irish”. According to legend, finding clovers with four leaves symbolizes good luck. If you want to try your hand at finding these elusive plants for yourself check out St Stephen’s Green Park where lucky finds aren’t uncommon.

2) Stonehenge is not just any mundane Collection of Rocks

Stonehenge holds immense cultural significance within British history – evident from its registration on UNESCO World Heritage sites list Since 1986! Mystery still surrounds how they moved such enormous heavy stones without modern machinery making it all the more intriguing while visiting one of England’s wonderous wonders must be achieved by everyone because something so grand can only truly be appreciated up close.

3) Scottish Cities Make A Memorable Impact

You haven’t really seen Scotland until you’ve experienced their cities like Edinburgh which boats medieval architecture combined with stunning nature including peaks such as Arthur Seat (an extinct volcano). Striking views can also overwhelm visitors when strolling beside Loch Lomond – whichever way decide for our expert guides will ensure every visitor gets quality added value knowledge induced into their itinerary!

4) Accommodation Types Are Surprisingly Diverse

It’s not just expensive posh hotels on offer with Contiki Great Britain and Ireland tours. There will also be opportunity to stay in castles, lodges, hostels and even traditional Scottish B&Bs! Whatever your preference there is an option for you which only adds a unique dimension to the whole experience.

5) Game of Thrones Fans?

Northern Ireland holds lots of iconic locations use as filming sites for this cult TV series include the Caves in ‘The Stormlands’, Winterfell at Castle Ward where they filmed ‘standing stones’ sequences or alternatively pick up next week’s useful guide that has all the insider knowledge including our favorite spots given by guides who know first-hand about different tourists’ preferences!

In conclusion, whether you’re drawn towards historical landmarks like Stonehenge or appreciation authentic scottish culture through distinct accomodation types the best way to truly appreciate these countries can often only be achieved through embarking on a tour – providing convenient travelling arrangements without compromise. Exploring Scotland & England annually draw thousands upon thousands of travelers from all around the world so why shouldn’t it grace their checklists amongst being one yours too?
Why Contiki Great Britain and Ireland Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

Traversing through the Great Britain and Ireland is surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This region of Europe holds endless treasures that are worth exploring – from stunning landscapes to vibrant cities, ancient castles to modern skyscrapers, rich history to intriguing culture. If you’re planning a backpacking trip in Europe or anywhere in the world, then consider adding Contiki Great Britain and Ireland tour to your itinerary because it offers everything you need for an unforgettable adventure.

For starters, one of the major highlights of this tour is undoubtedly its scenic beauty which starts right from Scotland’s highlands down to Wales’ rolling hills all while taking detours through bustling cities like Edinburgh, Belfast and Dublin. You’ll get a chance to explore jaw dropping natural wonders such as Cliffs of Moher in Ireland as well as Lake District National Park in England among several others places stretching across both countries with picturesque vistas throughout.

Another great reason why Contiki GB&I should be on top of your list is their impeccable logistics management system. The Contiki team has years-long experience tailoring packages perfect for solo travellers where they will cope with activities including accommodation, transportation at attractive affordable rates without compromising quality service also guided by experienced interactive guides who give interesting historical context making every stop memorable.

If all those above reasons aren’t incentive enough that operating under friendly budgets (minus international flights) sounds great into consideration-Contiki understands we live within budget constraints yet aspire for maximal experience especially since visiting new destinations require cash splurging here and there now let alone socializing within locals so you might easily make friendships lasting long beyond this weeklong-tour.

Lastly – another unique selling factor about Contiki touring is their sustainability initiative powering more eco-conscious responsible traveling lately signatured adopted by this culture in every tourism corner that includes reducing plastic usage, supporting local businesses and cultural preservation.

In conclusion, Great Britain and Ireland is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world-and rightfully so. If you’re looking for a comprehensive tour where no stone goes unturned along with more ambitious like-minded travelers to connect it’s time to carve out those dates on your calendar now book CONTIKI’s GB&I tour package today.

Traveling across the United Kingdom and Ireland can be a daunting task, especially for those who are first-timers in these lands of ancient history, rugged coastlines, and vibrant cultures. But with Contiki’s expertly crafted tours that explore England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland together or individually – venturing into this wondrous region has never been more effortless.

Contiki is renowned for its meticulously designed travel itineraries which cover all aspects of exploration ranging from cultural experiences to gastronomic delights. It brings the best experiences on board when one wants to fathom different countries’ mindsets by integrating superior accommodation options along with excellent transport services; quintessential small-group explorations & scintillating activities.

Whether you opt for an epic 20-day-long journey through four countries or want to focus on individual trips such as hiking around Snowdonia National Park in Wales or exploring historic castles like Edinburgh Castle in Scotland city-walks-Contiki makes sure it covers everything while making real-time memories .

One thing about traveling with experienced professionals is that they add another layer of thrill to your overall experience. The tour guides at Contiki will make the trip unforgettable by providing ample time for independent exploration allowing travelers not only minimize stress but also balancing just enough structure and freedom throughout their itinerary. This means holidaymakers have firsthand access to cultural immersion simulating feeling as though locals etc opening themselves up fully to true understanding of each country visited ensuring there isn’t any nuance left out ; guaranteed excitement factor-wise!

No matter what destination one chooses on this immersive journey spanning multiple countries; multi-day tours keep participants busy around-the-clock with unique adventures waiting patiently every day With bustling cities filled with trendy restaurants always presenting opportunities worth grabbing To venture outside city limits providing picturesque views where nature reigns supreme reinvigorating senses getting lost amidst peaceful countryside dotted throughout regions . Real adventure-seekers might climb mountains hike trails discovering stunning valleys full verdant landscapes exposing hidden marvels along the way.

Another exciting aspect of traveling with a well-versed guide is that they often have insider tips and secret knowledge which aren’t available online or in tourist textbooks. They provide details about local customs, food specialties, and other off-beat experiences; making travellers feel like natives as soon as they step foot on foreign soil.

However one chooses to explore the UK & IrelandWith so much variety in rich culture authentic hospitality jaw-dropping scenery running amok across centuries worth architecture travelers will undoubtedly be open-minded witnesses to daily life expressions from the get-go .

In conclusion, by choosing Contiki tours for exploring England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland , one can rest easy knowing there are never any dull moments while navigating through an array of breathtaking settings landscapes steeped in ancient historical significance intermingling diverse cultures along stunning coastlines quaint villages even bustling cities. The tour guides at Contiki invariably plan creatively curated itineraries leaving visitors full cinematic feels opportunities expanding minds Get onboard today!

From Castles to Pubs: A Complete Guide to Experiencing Local Culture on a Contiki GB & Ireland Tour.

Travelling to a new country is always an exciting adventure. However, experiencing the local culture can sometimes be difficult as a tourist, especially in countries with deep-rooted traditions and history like Great Britain and Ireland. Luckily, Contiki’s GB & Ireland Tour provides an excellent opportunity for travellers to immerse themselves in British and Irish customs through unique experiences that encompass both castles and pubs.

The tour begins by visiting some of the most iconic landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, St Paul’s Cathedral or even Buckingham Palace if you’re lucky enough to go at the right time! While these stops provide fantastic photo opportunities, their historical significance goes far beyond just posing for Instagram photos.

When visiting Edinburgh Castle perched atop its great rock imposing over Scotland’s capital city you’ll learn about history dating back thousands of years; political turmoil which shaped nations; stories of monarchs past; feuds between families; battles fought – all etched into walls combining beautifully preserved collections along with reimagined displays bringing visitors straight into the legendry inspiring tales thanks to full multimedia interactive exhibits throughout more than 8 buildings!

Next on the itinerary comes picturesque visits to quaint towns like Bath or Stratford-upon-Avon where visitors can witness first-hand daily life for locals whilst sampling traditional foods such as scones studded with raisins (or currants depending on your location preference!) slathered in decadent home-made jams & cream must don’t forget authentic Fish ‘n’ Chips when travelling around coastal regions!

However it is only once night falls does true local culture start warming up right down every alleyway with ancient pub stone walls screaming out stories – this also means dark smelly alleys though so mind your step going from one watering hole to another! People talk loudly having copious amount of fun singing songs everyone knows from decades ago way before your generation yet somehow you still know all the words perfectly well. Pubs are where friendships start, relationships bloom and connections are built between old generations followed by younger folks for generations to come.

In fact, there is nothing quite like a British or Irish pub. They’re the perfect spot to taste local craft beers such as Guinness in Dublin’s Temple Bar district or real ale from one of London’s hidden gems whilst surrounded with people eager to share stories over a pint. With big screens showcasing live sporting events it can even be an all day event covering traditional pub food like Steak & Ale pie served steaming hot with crispy crust mash potatoes along with gravy jugs complimentary salad sets crisps at well-stocked bars – place your bets on how many pints you’ll have before the game ends!

Overall, Contiki’s GB & Ireland Tour provides an unparalleled opportunity to witness spectacular architecture and learn about history bursting from every corner; exploring magical ancient towns enjoying priceless sweet treats plus upscale dining experiences not to mention iconic castles while visiting cosy taverns discovering interesting characters overflowing with exciting stories just waiting to be told! So if you find yourself looking for adventure whilst soaking up some authentic culture – this experience is definitely worth booking today!

Table with Useful Data:

Highlights Cities Visited Duration Price
Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle, Giant’s Causeway London, Bath, Cardiff, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin 18 days $3,645
Shakespeare’s birthplace, Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Liverpool, Dublin, Killarney 10 days $1,985
Traditional Welsh choir performance, Blarney Castle, Loch Lomond cruise London, Bath, Cardiff, Killarney, Galway, Dublin, Glasgow 12 days $2,835

Information from an Expert

As an expert in travel to Great Britain and Ireland, I highly recommend experiencing the beauty and culture of these countries through a Contiki tour. Their itineraries offer a perfect balance between iconic landmarks such as Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle, and the Cliffs of Moher, while also allowing for unique experiences like exploring traditional pubs or visiting quaint villages. The knowledgeable guides make sure that you get the most out of your trip by providing historical context and insider tips. Overall, Contiki is an excellent choice for anyone looking to discover all that Great Britain and Ireland have to offer without any hassle or stress.

Historical fact:

During the 1970s, Contiki Tours began offering travel packages for young adults to explore Great Britain and Ireland. These tours became popular among college students and backpackers seeking affordable ways to visit multiple countries and experience different cultures. Today, Contiki remains a leading tour company for young people looking to explore the world.

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Discover the Best of Great Britain and Ireland with Contiki: A Personal Journey with Tips and Stats [Keyword: Contiki Great Britain and Ireland]
Discover the Best of Great Britain and Ireland with Contiki: A Personal Journey with Tips and Stats [Keyword: Contiki Great Britain and Ireland]
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