Hala Sultan Tekke

By the salt lake in Larnaca, Cyprus

hala sultan tekke cyprusThe Hala Sultan (Umm Haram) Tekke stands next to the salt lake just south of Larnaca and is one of the first sights you see heading out of the airport.

According to legend, Muhammad’s paternal aunt, accompanying her husband on an Arab raid on Cyprus in 649, was attacked by Byzantine forces here, feel from her mule, broke her neck and was buried on the spot.

The Mosque, that was built around her grave is the fourth most important holy place in the world for Muslims.

The mosque complex itself was built in a series of stages in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. A shrine was built by Sheikh Hassan in A.D 1760. Later, the mosque was constructed in its present form around A.D 1816/17.

You can find out more about the Hala Sultan Tekke here.

Opening Daily:

  • Summer: 7.30am to sunset
  • Winter: 9.00am to sunset

Admission to the Hala Sultan Tekke is by way of a donation.

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