Unveiling the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin: A Story of Rarity and Value [Expert Guide + Stats]

Unveiling the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin: A Story of Rarity and Value [Expert Guide + Stats]

What is 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin?

The 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts collector coin is a limited edition gold bullion coin issued by the Royal Mint. It features an intricate design of the White Greyhound in honor of King Henry VIII and is part of the popular series inspired by ten heraldic beasts that stood guard at Her Majesty The Queen’s coronation.

  1. This collector coin contains one troy ounce (31.1035 grams) of .9999 fine gold with a face value denomination of £100 sterling pounds.
  2. It comes in various packaging options such as individual plastic capsules, mint-sealed tubes, or monster boxes to protect its condition while on display or storage for long-term investment purposes
  3. The reverse side displays Jody Clark’s effigy portrait of Her Majesty The Queen along with inscriptions that include “ELIZABETH II D G REG F D” which stands for Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina Fidei Defensor- in Latin meaning “Elizabeth II, By the Grace Of God, This Defender Of Faith” and also includes its year date as well as weight and purity information

How to Buy the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a collector who is on the hunt for the perfect addition to your collection? Do you have a fascination with British history and royalty? Then look no further than the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin. Not only does this coin commemorate the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, but it also portrays symbols of heraldry that are steeped in fascinating tales and legends.

But how do you go about acquiring such a coin if you’re not familiar with numismatics or purchasing gold coins? Fear not! Below we’ve provided a step-by-step guide to help make your buying experience as smooth as possible.

Step One: Know Your Budget
Before embarking on any purchase, it’s important to know what kind of financial commitment you’re comfortable making. As with most collectible items, prices vary depending upon rarity and demand. The cost of the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin can range from USD$2,200- $2,400+. If this is beyond your comfort zone, there are other options available in different metals or lesser weights.

Step Two: Find A Reputable Vendor
Once you’ve established your budget for this luxurious purchase don’t rush into buying from anyone offering these coins online suddenly – there might be others who sell fake versions inaccurately so choose wisely. You need to find an authorized dealer that specializes in precious metal investments like gold bullion over long periods instead because they typically have established relationships with trusted suppliers.

Step Three: Understand Its Value
As previously mentioned some factors influence each pieces’ value so honor having interest for its meaning and history behind it would increase its worthiness (if one day decide reselling). It was designed by Jody Clark- THE artist responsible for UKs youngest monarch Prince George which makes it even more priceless especially since he works exclusively under Royal Mint while performance rates continually succeed.

Step Four: Make Your Purchase
Once you’ve found a reputable vendor, feel secure and confident to move forward in purchase. They could offer different ways starting from wire transfer to credit card plus varies on their policies including return or shipping so be sure to make yourself aware.

It‘s important as the final step for safekeeping, once this masterpiece is ready by trusted specialists knowing how influential it will/can become one thing that needs consideration about where & how it’ll be stored since gold coins are sensitive material allowing minimum handling with gloves would be ideal.

In conclusion understanding these steps of purchasing helps bring assurance when making investments over time until reaching its increase in value can take years but exchange rates often pay off dramatically for those patient enough – history signifying Resilience!

FAQ on the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin

As a collector of numismatic treasures or an investor in precious metals, you may have come across the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin. But what is this coin? Why is it so special? And should you add it to your collection?

To help answer these questions and more, we’ve put together a comprehensive FAQ on this stunning gold coin:

What exactly is the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin?
This coin marks the latest addition to The Royal Mint’s prestigious Queen’s Beast series. Each release celebrates one of ten heraldic beasts that stood guard at Her Majesty The Queen’s coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey over six decades ago.

The fourth release features the majestic White Greyhound of Richmond – an emblem featured prominently throughout British history since medieval times.

What makes this coin so special compared to others?
There are several reasons why this coin should be considered among one of the most exciting releases of recent times:

– A limited mintage: With only 500 coins produced worldwide, owning one would mean owning something very rare indeed.
– An exquisite design: In showcasing Jody Clark’s striking portrait of Her Majesty The Queen and featuring intricate details such as the white-greyhound crest, every nuance has been thoughtfully considered for maximum impact.
– High purity content: Made from .9999 fine gold with unmatched purity levels, ensures durability and long-term value retention.

Why should I invest in this particular piece rather than other bullion pieces out there?
If building wealth through investment-grade bullion products is your primary investing goal, then purchasing any reputable brand name product can do that job well enough. However, if you’re looking for something extra special beyond just simple accumulation like ourselves – adding high-quality commemorative coins such as The Queen’s Beasts series tend to hold their premiums better over time giving good profit margins when its time , especially considering the intricate detail, rarity and beauty of this particular coin.

Additionally, limited edition collector coins can provide opportunities for selling at higher values than spot price if you decide to liquidate. Many collectors also purchase these pieces solely for their aesthetic appeal.

Where can I buy one?
You may purchase The Queen’s Beasts 2021 White Greyhound Gold Coin directly from Royal Mint or authorized dealers near you through online brokers/bullion vendors.

Can I feel confident in my investment after purchasing it?
As with any investment made, there is always a level of risk that applies – primarily relating to the fluctuations in gold prices. However, investing in products such as commemorative coins presents exceptional potential due to unique features like mintage numbers being set years prior or purely based on individual characters connected with each coin; changing supply-demand dynamics will influence future pricing trends.

That said: by acquiring high-quality collectibles like White Greyhound of Richmond series now — and holding onto them long term— investors have greater potential for sizable gains moving forward.

The Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts collector coin is an absolute masterpiece sure to appeal even beyond numismatists’ reach – whether it be avid historians interested in the historical significance behind while adding diversity into your portfolio investments. With its limited edition mintage count (only 500!), stunning design elements showcasing meticulous attention-to-detail expected from royal mint productions but most importantly secure value retention provided by its precious metal composition make this magnificent gold piece a worthy addition irrespective of your collecting goals! If ever given the opportunity don’t hesitate picking up where possible before supplies run dry…

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know about the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin

The 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin is one of the most highly anticipated coins releases in the numismatic world. This is due to its breathtaking design, intricate details and high gold content.

In this post, we will delve into some interesting facts that you might not have known about this stunning coin!

1. The Queen’s Beasts

The theme for these collector coins comes from a collection of ten statues created by James Woodford RA (1893–1976) which adorned Her Majesty The Queen’s entrance at her Coronation in 1953. Celebrating hundreds of years of British royal heraldry, each beast is an emblematic representation of a genealogical symbol associated with historic coats-of-arms used by successive monarchs over centuries.

2. Highly detailed Design

Designed by Jody Clark, who was also responsible for designing The Royal Mint’s fifth portrait of Her Majesty The Queen in 2015, the reverse features a depiction of White Greyhound of Richmond on one side and atop St George’s Shield there lies the gules double-handed sword erect palewise with pommel and hilt Or – all set within oak surmounting two sceptres saltirewise orled diadem wise proper; supporters: To dexter a lion rampant guardant crowned Or imperially gorged with taes tied behind his neck flory counterflory argent holding between th®two forepaws an orb azure banded collar gemmed and charged with three lions passant guardant Or; to sinister unicorn rampant supporting shield flowing behind towardedsinister wearing jousting cap barry bendy argent and azure lined ermine stringed emphathized gules jewelled crined queue fourmi en-tipped horned unguled beardedlangued safron bearing Tudor rose petalled vert seeded or; Motto:”DIEU ET MON DROIT” in a label below the shield.
On the obverse is a portrait of Her Majesty The Queen by Jody Clark.

3. High Gold Content

The Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin features an impressive gold content of one troy ounce, which guarantees its intrinsic value as well as it’s historical interest.

4. Legal Tender

This remarkable coin carries the legal tender status under British law and has issued with face value amounting to £100 which implies that you can actually spend this valuable collector item at any merchant accepting Pounds Sterling while paying it for mere face-value instead of taking advantage of its high numismatic worth

5. Limited Mintage

With such fascinating design work, intricate details and high gold content, there is no doubt that collectors are eager to add this beautiful coin to their collection. However, like others releases collected globally this coin will be offered strictly on a limited mintage basis of only tens or hundreds per jurisdiction release date ensuring rarity over time thus encouraging more people and organizations involved collecting assets within finance industry carefully planning investments around scarce resources.

In conclusion, these five facts highlight just how special and unique the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin truly is. Whether you’re an avid collector or simply appreciate stunning artistry, adding one (or even two) of these coins to your collection would undoubtedly add unparalleled prestigious aesthetics portraying various areas from England’s rich medieval history into individual wealth portfolios

The History of Queen’s Beasts and its Connection to the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Collector Coin

The Queen’s Beasts is a heraldic art series consisting of ten statues of mythical creatures that represented the genealogy and lineage of the British monarchy. These beasts were sculpted by James Woodford for King Edward VIII’s coronation in 1953, and they have since become an iconic symbol of royal power.

The beasts themselves are steeped in intrigue and history. The first beast to be featured was the Lion of England – this powerful creature stood guard at Westminster Abbey during the coronation procession, its eyes blazing with pride and fierce protection. Other figures included in the collection are mythical monsters such as griffins, dragons, unicorns, and yales (leopards).

Fast forward several decades later to 2016 when The Royal Mint released their very own set of coins inspired by these sacred animals known as “Queen’s Beasts Coins.” Since then a new coin has been added to celebrate each subsequent fate along her majesty’s journey on her platinum jubilee fifty year reign over Great Britain!

This brings us to 2021 where it is time for ‘The Completer Coin’ which aptly features all ten beats originally carved from prepared plaster blocks standing tall on plinths either side Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon coat-of-arms!

But why would one possibly invest in these collector’s items rather than just purchasing gold bullion? Firstly because gold bullion never goes out of style or loses value but more importantly owning something with so much historic weight just adds immediate interest into any collection! In addition collecting Queen’s Beast coins can serve as both financial investment AND educational tools for friends or family members who may not know about British legendry. As well if you chose to purchase them graded through services like NGC or PCGS guarantees authenticity ensuring future selling prices remain high!

So there we go folks a brief telling of how giant lions sculptures from London led-to whimsical silver coins curated half way around the world! And although the Queen’s Beasts Coins can be purchased for their intrinsic value, they represent so much more than that- a glimpse into the past and all of Britain’s historic lore.

Unique Features of the Design and Packaging for the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin

The release of the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin brings a new level of excitement among collectors and investors alike, thanks to its unique features in terms of design and packaging. This coin is an exceptional tribute to the rich history and culture of England, making it both valuable and historic for those who own it.

One standout feature of this special edition collector’s coin is its striking design. The coin showcases one of ten mythical creatures that represented sovereigns throughout history as depicted on sculptures that adorned their coronation ceremonies at Westminster Abbey during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. In fact each creature was from nine feet tall sculpture which been destroyed after ceremony; thus by incorporating these animal figures into collectable coins we not only maintained a precious historical value but also preserved some part our cultural heritage.

The obverse side depicts Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in all her regal splendor, while the reverse side showcases a beautifully designed version of St Edward’s Crown alongside an intricately etched image of a different legendary beast with latin name (i.e Unicorn) embedded inside solid gold/ silver circle surrounded by Royal Arms depicting stylized lion rampant supported (with Lion & Dragon) upon either side by royal banners floating.

Moreover, British Mint has come up with yet another breakthrough innovation: elegant two-tone gun-metal black boxes featuring glossy edge lighting through sides amplifying elegance beyond limits accompanied by eye-catching artwork displaying relevant information about respective Queens Beast leading one towards inspiring stories from intriguing eras marking milestones for how kingdoms evolved within power dynamics representing authority with grace despite challenges faced along way eventually coming out successful due unwavering resilience encouraged adorn collecting repertoire standing true testament talent artists produced aligning intricate research work done . A blend traditionalistic designs modern era technologies amalgamated form facilitates perfectly snug fit allowing easy insertion even finest details captured most elegantly without slightest scratches encountered present resulting stunning shine altogether delivering awe-inspiring sight behold.

To sum it up, the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin is a show-stopping addition to any collection. Its unique and detailed design showcases both the power of England’s past and its present-day wealth as a global leader in finance and commerce. The exceptional packaging only adds to its appeal, ensuring that this impressive specimen will remain safe and sound for years to come while being worth every penny invested thus truly living upto British Mint’s reputation one must possess honors owning exquisite piece masterpiece artwork breathed life into invoking spirits within beholder towards celebrating creativity innovation represented esteemed institution over time!

Investing in Precious Metals: Why You Should Consider Owning a 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin

As an investor, you always want to explore ways of diversifying your portfolio and protecting it from any potential risks. Investing in precious metals like gold is such a tried-and-true method that has been used for centuries to preserve wealth. There are various reasons why experts recommend holding gold bullion coins or bars as a means of securing your financial future. One coin worth considering acquiring is the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts collector coin.

The first reason why this particular investment stands out is its rarity factor. The Queen’s Beasts collection by Royal Mint comprises ten different designs inspired by royal symbols dating back to the reign of Henry VIII. This exquisite coin features the White Greyhound of Richmond, representing the queen’s Yorkist ancestry lineage, which appeared on Henry VII Tudor heraldry; thus making it a unique offering among gold coins.

Additionally, these coins hold great value both monetarily and historically speaking because they represent some formative historical events that shaped our world today without losing their aesthetic appeal over time.

Secondly, purchasing physical gold offers tangible ownership to investors who prioritize having control over their investments’ storage location- such as buying real estate property or cars rather than stocks bonds whose value fluctuates so frequently getting traded online makes them vulnerable since they can be stolen remotely via cybercrime attacks – something not possible with owning genuine currency backed up metal when properly secured following industry standards regulated by organization members such as London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

When you own a precious metal asset like this one, It comes with intrinsic value attached beyond just what market trends dictate- unlike fiat currencies non-backed-up fake paper money acceptable worldwide based on government laws signed into existence but quickly devaluing due to inflation where governments keep printing more cash through central banking facilities susceptible lending fractional-reserve system leading banks speculative ratios called derivatives trading then sector collapse known as “2008 global recession” marked history people loss jobs, homes, and life savings. Holding a queen’s beast collector coin in one’s investment portfolio can provide the essential hedge against such volatile markets since gold usually increases its value during economic downturns or geopolitical developments worldwide.

Moreover, owning physical precious metals like this particular product grants holders access to liquidity through selling these collectors’ items quickly whenever they need cash for emergencies ( e.g., when banks may not be lending at reasonable rates). Specifically, there is a ready market of established dealers who strive to buy high-quality coins from trusted sellers eager to make quick profits while ensuring buyers get authentic goods only.

In conclusion, investing in 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts collector coin could prove an overwhelming decision any savvy entrepreneur should take seriously. It offers intrinsic worth besides serving as tangible assets whose beauty does not diminish over time; it comes with rarity factor due historical inspiration making each especially unique thus rarified among other bullion currency counterparts coveted by collectors globally. The added security perk ensures investors can take control of their storage location without having to worry about cyber theft risks plus possibility protection gains instance socio-economic uncertainties arises which might harm monetary values unassociated solid metal-backed-up currencies remain resilient throughout history marking status symbols reserved elite classes families signifying enormous wealth influence . Own yours today before you miss out on your chance!

Table with useful data:

Property Value
Country Great Britain
Year 2021
Weight 1 oz (31.1035g)
Composition Gold (99.99% pure)
Diameter 32.69mm
Thickness 2.79mm
Face Value £100
Design Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin – The White Greyhound of Richmond
Mintage 1,690
Certificate of Authenticity Yes

Information from an expert: The 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin is a highly coveted coin due to its exquisite design and high value. As an expert in the field, I can attest that this particular edition of the collector coin features stunning artwork showcasing the Greyhound of Richmond, symbolizing courage and loyalty. It is crafted using pure gold with a weight of one troy ounce, making it not only a beautiful addition to any collection but also a valuable investment for those seeking stability amid economic uncertainties. Overall, this one-of-a-kind piece proves to be a must-have for serious collectors and investors alike.

Historical fact:

The 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin features an image of the White Greyhound of Richmond, which was a symbol used by Henry VII and became associated with the Tudor dynasty.

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Unveiling the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin: A Story of Rarity and Value [Expert Guide + Stats]
Unveiling the 2021 Great Britain 1 oz Gold Queen’s Beasts Collector Coin: A Story of Rarity and Value [Expert Guide + Stats]
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